Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm baaack!

Coucou mis amis!

Has it really been 6 whole months since I've returned from Paris (and written a blog post)?!

Its true, the older you get, the faster time passes you by. So much has happened since that emotional day boarding my flight from CGD to LAX even though it seems like yesterday I was walking the Parisian streets with my friends drinking wine, surviving on bread and being in awe of our lives. While I miss Paris and all the friends I made abroad (and trust me, some days its heartbreaking how much I miss it) I am also excited about what is happening in my life back in America.

part of my amazing welcoming party at LAX

Since Paris, I spent the holidays back home in California catching up with friends and family and indulging in all things American (ie: In-n-out, Yogurtland, bagels, mexican get the idea). Even though I was shocked when someone tried to help me in a store and came insanely close to having a panic attack in the mall, I slowly adjusted back to the American lifestyle.

For New Years my family and I jetted off to our home in Mexico, my skin was reunited with the sun and it was amazing.

By the end of January, a short month after coming home, I was packed up and on a plane to my new home: Colorado.

I've been here for about 5 months now and so far so good. It is wonderful being back with Mike and Tay. We have our little corner of the world set up here in Boulder where the sun has finally arrived! We  spent the winter wishing for warmth and now its 100 degrees! We are definitely taking advantage of the nice weather. We are running, hiking, biking or doing something outside everyday. Boulder is really showing its beauty these days with everything turning green and blooming (and attacking my allergies) and its an adventure.

Oh, you want to know what I am doing with that French pastry education I got? ooooh okay.

I have been working at a local Boulder restaurant called Frasca Food and Wine. So far, so good.

Thanks so much for sticking around. It is nice to be back in the blogging world and I am excited to have a fresh, new start!


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