Thanks for stopping in! I'm Brittany and I spend most of my time elbow deep in flour, butter and sugar. This is my place to share all my baking and pastry experiments, the people and things that make my life so great and possibly reminisce about Paris and all things French. 

Want some details?
I am born and raised a California girl.
Orange County, CA is my home.

I have also been lucky enough to call these places home as well.

San Diego, CA
Barcelona, Spain
Punta Mita, Mexico
Paris, France

And right now? I am nestled in next to these big mountains in Boulder, CO.

I have some pretty cool people in my life. My family and friends mean the world to me. I am lucky to have them.

This is Mike. We met back in those awkward high school years and its been a love affair ever since. We spend most of our time these days biking, hiking and being outside in the fresh mountain air with our little lady, Taylor.

Those are the basics :) I hope you stick around for a bit!

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