Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friendship around the globe

4 days until I get to see one of the most amazing people I know. My best friend and "little" Erin is coming to visit me! Sometimes there are people who come into your life that you know were just meant to be there. 

We met back in college when she rushed Gamma Phi back in 2006. Funny thing is that I went to high school with her brother and he was the one who said "look for the girl who looks like me with long hair" and well, ya he was right. Spotted her instantly.

college- it was love from the start
celebrating me going French
celebrating Erin's 21st in Vegas

Since then we have been the closest of friends. We've been there through some of the scariest, trying and heartbreaking times of our lives - loss of friends, near death experiences (and recovery time spent watching "Accepted" on repeat) and some of the best times - celebrations, birthdays and traveling.

When friendships are this amazing you make time for each other despite the fact that - this girl lives in Madrid, Spain!

She is being an awesome children's teacher there and loving every minute. I've never known another person with such a zest for life than Erin. She will literally make you laugh and smile no matter what is going on in her own life. Selfless, beautiful, hilarious, caring, spirited...she is one incredible friend.

best welcome sign ever

In the past year we have been to Paris, Madrid, Cali and soon to be Colorado together. We celebrated our birthdays in Paris and made our first (failed) attempt at making a Thanksgiving turkey in Madrid, celebrated Christmas in Cali and we are about to explore the summer in Colorado. 
I love this girl more than life itself and can't wait to see her. 

 birthday dinner in Paris
 rainy day at Eiffel

 Xmas in Cali

 out in Madrid with Jaime!

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  1. Awwww we have had one of the best years together--when we were actually in the same place at the same time :D I love you so much!!!