Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our New Home: Boulder, Colorado

As some of you know, when I moved to Paris, Mike and Taylor moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Mike loves Colorado and all the outdoor activities it offers. So, after a few weeks at home I packed my bags (again!) and flew out to Denver.

We decided to move to Boulder. It is a completely different setting than California but as the months have passed, and the snow finally melted it has grown on me.

Moving here in the middle of a long, cold winter was tough. I swear, if it snowed one more time I was going to lose it! Snow in the middle of May is just RUDE! Yes, its beautiful and all but this girl needs to be warm!

Spring lasted about 24 hours and then we jumped straight into 90 degree days (YAY!). Now that things are blooming, turning green and warm - Boulder is an outdoor paradise. The mountains are beautiful and huge, the creek makes a great running path, bikes are welcome and the lightning storms are crazy.

Mike is out mountain biking most days and I do my best to try to run in this crazy altitude (makes me wonder how I ever ran a half marathon). Little tay is a champion hiker. She puts both of us to shame on the mountain.

If you ever find yourself out this way, let me know! We will be here enjoying the sunshine before winter brings its wrath again in a few months.

Next on the outdoor activity to do list: tubing down the Boulder creek!


  1. looks so pretty! i have only been in the winter. glad you settled in and you finally have nice weather.

  2. I'm a Colorado native (born and raised in Fort Collins), and Boulder has always been one of my favorite places. I live in Longmont now, which is mostly bearable because of its proximity to Boulder. I hope you continue to fall in love with your new city! Just wait until Fall hits and the mountains turn golden. Definitely drive the Peak to Peak highway when the aspens are's beautiful.

    1. Thanks for the awesome recommendation! Boulder is definitely a beautiful place! I like Fort Collins too...mainly for the little French bakery up there! The best in the area hands down!