Sunday, August 25, 2013

What is Paris?

When you think of Paris, chances are that the first things to come to your mind is the Eiffel Tower or maybe the Notre Dame, Louvre, Jardin du Tuileries or Luxembourg or crepes, maybe? While all those things are a part of Paris, the city is about SO much more than that.

When I find myself reminiscing about my beautiful city [yes, my city ;)] I find my mind wandering to all the little details and experiences that really make Paris what it is. 

The smell of croissants filling the air on my way to work in the dark, early morning. 
The lines outside the boulangeries at 5 pm for the nightly baguette. 
The way the light reflects off the building along the Seine at the end of the day. 
The early morning/late night crepe complete walking home after a fun night with friends. 
Sunday mornings at the market.
Drinking cheap wine and eating bread and cheese on the Seine while the day changes to night.
Afternoon runs through the city and into the Jardin des Plantes and Sunday morning runs along the Seine.
Walking 45 minutes home instead of taking the metro because you just want to be in the city and take it all in.

Exploring an exciting new restaurant or wine bar with friends. 
Savoring the foie gras while standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers at l'Avant Comptior. 
Making French bread pizzas on weekday nights with Coco. 
Catching the Eiffel sparkling on your walk home at night while the moon and the city lights reflect on the Seine.
Racing to try to catch the metro only to be shut out at the last second.
Finding inspiration on every corner. Zesting for life.
Watching all the French girls be so sophisticated and trying to capture a sixteenth of their chic-ness. 
Walking around aimlessly and just feeling such bliss and awe that you are lucky enough to call a place like Paris your home.

I miss Paris and my friends and everything about it all the time. It still catches me off guard when I realize how long ago I left. Its already been 8 months? I can't believe that. The truth is that living and truly experiencing a place like Paris changes you. It stays with you forever and a part of your heart will always live in the city of lights until you return again.

Have you ever felt this way about a place you've been? 


  1. ooh you so captured paris! c'est parfait!

    1. thank you! I love reading your stories about France too!

  2. i would love to live in paris! so pretty! it's funny that the little memories are the most important.

    1. Isn't that the case with most memories? its the little things that matter most ;)

  3. Such a beautiful post! I've lived 4 different cities in my adult life plus where I grew up.. and that is exactly how I feel. Each place has given be something and I miss the people dearly.. but also feel blessed to get to visit and take it all in again!

    1. so true. it is worth it of course. I can't wait to get back to Paris as soon as possible!

  4. Yes! I feel the same when I´m in Italy. I´m so in love with that place and the people (and one boy! :) ) that I never want to came back to Brazil when I´m there....