Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Entremet: Mogador

Entremet is one of my favorite types of pastry to make. You can mix and match as many flavors and textures as you can think up. Chocolate and raspberry is one of my all time favorite flavor combinations so this cake is one of my favorites. 

Chocolate genoise cake soaked with raspberry liqueur and simple syrup, layered with raspberry jam and covered with chocolate chantilly cream. Decoration is completely up to your artistic eyes. This time I used the crumbs of the cake to cover the sides of the cake and same some chocolate garnish for the top Fresh fruit always makes a beautiful display.

Give it a go?

Chocolate genoise cake

200g eggs
125g sugar
100g flour
25g cocoa powder
15g butter, melted and cooled

Butter and flour your cake pans (yields 2 - 18cm cakes)

Combine eggs and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixter and beat with a whisk for 20 minutes. It will be light and form a ribbon when falling off the whisk.
Sift flour and cocoa powder. Using a spatula, *lightly and delicately* fold the dry ingredients into the eggs and sugar. Try to maintain as much of the air in the eggs as possible. Fold in the cooled, melted butter. 
Pour into your cake pans and bake at 350 until set. Remove from pans immediately and let cool on rack. (you can freeze and save this cake for up to 3 months)

Raspberry soaking liquid

100g water
100g sugar
150g raspberry liqueur (or juice)

Bring water and sugar to a boil until sugar has dissolved, add liqueur. Soak cake using a paint brush.

Raspberry jam
Spread over the first layer of cake (after soaking) then place other cake on top.

Chocolate chantilly cream
600g chocolate couverture
1000g whipping cream

Melt chocolate over a water bath. Whip cream to soft peaks. Stir a little of the whipped cream into the warm (not hot!) chocolate. Turn the chocolate mixture into the remaining whipped cream, fold in gently with a spatula. Cover the cake and garnish as you wish!

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