Sunday, July 7, 2013

The view from the top

Of the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. Can you believe that it was in my FINAL week of living in Paris that I finally made my way to the top of Eiffel? Talk about procrastination. 

My friend Danielle and I had such a great time in our last weeks. We made a point of doing as many of the things that we never got around to doing throughout the year like going to the Army Museum, one more shopping trip to Oshyo, going to the top and just walking the streets together. It was an awesome way to conclude an incredible year.
We waited and waited and waited some more until we finally got to step onto the lift that took us up. We had both been up to the 1st and 2nd level of Eiffel but this was the first view from the very top and it was perfect. 

Paris is hands down the most beautiful city you will ever see. From the ground to the air there is beauty all around you. The buildings, the streets, the sky, the people, the parks...its simply perfect.
I miss my beloved Paris and my amazing friends so much. I am really grateful that we made the effort to take the trip to the top.


  1. so pretty! i can't believe you waited so long. i would be there on my first day.

    1. I can't believe it took so long too! but to give me some credit I did go see Eiffel the very first day I got there I just didnt make it up. Such a beauty!

  2. Confession: I have never been to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I really need to do something about that :)